Millennius – Energy Medicine for the New Millennium

Millennius is a Heuristic Fibonacci BioResonant Transducer based on the Rhythmedica Technology by NuTesla. Hysteresis exists when Millennius is operated by a practitioner who is connected with the patient and is able to feel the resonant responses of the patient’s tissues. Millennius transduces precise Fibonacci Number based frequencies into net-zero microcurrents of scalar energy.

The first recorded use of electricity in healing dates back more than 2,000 years ago when electric eels were used to reduce pain in arthritis sufferers. At the end of the 1700’s Luigi Galvani, an Italian anatomist, discovered the muscles of dissected frogs twitched when they came in contact with two different metals. He concluded the twitching was evidence for the existence of “animal magnetism or electricity,” and later proved the existence of an electrical potential in all living cells.  Nikola Tesla was the first to harness this power to aid mankind starting in the 1880’s. His discoveries of electromagnetic frequency resonance were the basis of early Energy Medicine devices, which quickly became a standard in medical treatment in the United States until the rise of pharmaceuticals in the 1930’s.  Energy Medicine continued to be used in other parts of the world and is still a standard of treatment outside the US.

Mill Protoype Front3Modern electronic and microcomputers have helped Energy Medicine to reemerge as part of the Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) related healthcare field and is gaining recognition for its safety and effectiveness in addressing multiple conditions, including untreatable ones.